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A football card game for jocks and nerds.
Play some cards. Rack up points. Be the CHAMP!

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Will, we ever get another football video game like Blitz: The League again?

Yes. I think that Blitz is the best football card game league we have played ever with our kids and family.

My family is entirely aggressive with regards to playing games with each other. We truly take pleasure in holding over games and fun, particularly at the end of the week in the evenings. Any reason to have a fabulous time and we are in support of it. We have many kinds of 2 player card games however just a couple of games.

Since Football is a most loved of our own, we figured we should try something different and new. We found Blitz Champz. Blitz Champz is a truly rivalrous and engaging game based on the game of football. Who wouldn’t have a ton of fun using football-themed cards to score a touchdown?

Well, this game was made by Adrienne Smith. If you don’t about her, she is a two-time women’s tackle football gold medalist and a national champion. Blitz Champz tests and teaches football strategy and knowledge. It also makes you test your math skills and think rapidly! It’s so much fun!

What I love about Blitz Champz is that the entire family can get in on the action. Our kids get to play with us adults and don’t therefore don’t miss out on the good times. All you truly need to play the game is two to six players.

So sometimes I and one of my kids will play with each other, or the kids can play together, or we all will play. My husband loves this game. The game isn’t difficult to learn by any stretch of the imagination. In the Blitz Champz box, there are two cards with rules about how to play the 2 player card games.

It really takes a few minutes to learn. I am totally supportive of that since my family, in general, loses interest when games are complicated because it begins to feel more like an errand than having fun. I guarantee you Blitz Champz gets us so competitive and hyped out with each other.

It’s funny! The kids adore it when they beat their father! The game doesn’t go on and on. It doesn’t get exhausting at all since the game takes around 15 minutes to play. Sometimes that is all we require for a fast, pick-me-up to decompress from a harsh work week.

I love Blitz Champz because it strengthens my kids’ math skills. Since they are on summer holiday, I don’t want them to lose those valuable math skills that they learned during the school year. The way in which this card game for two people or a group of up to six people works is by using a defensive, offensive, or continuation cards to score points.

The Offensive cards are utilized to score points. Players can score points using a Passing or Rushing Touchdown, 2-point  Conversion, Field Goal, a Hail Mary, or Extra Point. The points earned can differ from one point to eight points.

The Defensive cards are utilized to remove points. They include Tackle, Blocked Kick, or Interception. While playing the game, the Continuation cards require a particular sort of action that keeps the game going. The Continuation cards include: Pass completion, First down, Blitz, fumble, 5-yard run, or end of quarter cards. The entire objective of Blitz Champz is to be the first player to score at least 21 points. Because of this, we can also say that Blitz Champz is a 21 card game.

We play Blitz Champz again and again since it is so energizing and easy to play. Our kids tell us that it is one of their top picks, particularly if the entire family gets in on the fun.

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