“Helping Schools & Programs Raise Funds with a Fun, Math-Based Game”

Looking to enhance your program’s budget?  Let Blitz Champz help you reach your fundraising goals!  Our fun and competitive football-based card game will enhance math skills while encouraging time away from the screen.  It’s an easy sell and a perfect way to quickly increase funds for your program.  

Here’s how the program works.

  1. Sign your school, program or charity up for our Blitz Champz Fundraising Program.
  2. As an approved fundraising program, you will receive:
    1. The Blitz Champz Fundraising Program discount of 50% off all Blitz Champz games. You will make $10.00 from every game that your group sells.
    2. Free Digital Marketing Assets to promote your campaign. This includes:
      1. Digital Fundraiser Flyers
      2. Order Forms
      3. Social Post Images
      4. Printable Posters (optional)
      1. Start your Blitz Champz Fundraising Program and raise money for your program while promoting family fun, math skills and time away from video screens!
        • For every 10 games you sell you make $100.
        • A group with just 10 members selling just 10 games will make $1,000.
        • The funds will add up quickly because Blitz Champz is an easy sell and beneficial to families.
      2. Run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks for best results.
      3. Keep all the money you raise and place your campaign’s order at your program’s discount rate.
      4. Blitz Champz Games will be shipped to your program or directly to your supporters. Shipping options are set up at time of order.

      Optional Ways to Fundraise:

      Business Sponsorship - Use Blitz Champz for businesses to sponsor your students.  Participating businesses can purchase games for your program and donate them to your students directly by their sponsorship.  Your program would order the games at your fundraiser discount, keep the funds raised and keep the games sponsored by the business.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

      It’s as easy at 1,2,3!

      1. Sign your school or program up for the Blitz Champz Fundraiser Program.
      2. Receive all the easy information needed for the program including tips and digital marketing materials and start your program.
      3. Raise your funds and keep your proceeds immediately. Place all your orders and your supporters will receive their Blitz Champz games!  It’s a “win–win!” Supporters win with wholesome family fun and your school/program wins with additional funds.
      4. Touchdown!

      Look at How Easily the Funds Can Stack Up:

      Decide what you need to make and reach your goals with Blitz Champz!


      Franklin Middle School – If 30 Marching Band students sell an average of 10 games each the program will earn $3,000 towards new uniforms.

      Madison School K-6 - Each class sells just 5 games per student with 30 students in each class they will make $10,500 towards updating their media center!

       Participants Incentive Program

      Participants will earn their own FREE Blitz Champz game for every 10 games sold.  This is a great way to additionally reward them for their fundraising efforts.

      What are the Next Steps?

      Sign up today for your fundraising program and start raising funds for your school or program right away. For more information visit our website at or email us at

      Start your Blitz Champz Fundraiser